Monday, March 09, 2009

How many fourth graders fit in a Volvo?

My oldest son's class at Mentor Christian School has had an unofficial tradition of getting their class picture in one of my cars. Now that I've been working with Volvos, it seemed appropriate to get a shot with one of the nice cars in our inventory. But how do you put the fourth grade class in a car you want to sell without making a mess? The answer to that questions came to me last night.

The Cleveland Auto Show finished last night and it was my turn to drive our display car back to the dealership. So, about 8:30 pm, I drove the Celestial Blue 2009 Volvo C70 out of the IX Center and took it home for the night. This morning, I dropped off our three at school and asked Jefferson's teacher if the kids could come out to see the convertible. Perfect opportunity. Climb in, kids!

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