Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Greenbrier Update

I test drove the 1961 Corvair Greenbrier today. I'd been wanting to drive it for a while but the last time the battery was dead and we couldn't get it started. (It had been sitting for six months.) Today the owner got it started but ... it took twenty minutes, some ether, and a battery booster. Then after letting it idle for ten more minutes, I stalled it when trying to find first gear. I eventually got the hang of things and circled the building several times. But after all that effort, I'm thinking it would require a bit more time than I can afford to put into it.

It was a good lesson for me. Old cars are ... well ... old. They don't come with the same refined technology that we have today. Carburetors are not as quick to respond as fuel injection. And if it's going to take twenty minutes to start the vehicle in the winter, there's no way it would work for a daily driver (not to mention the fact that the heater never pumped out any heat).

So, there's not going to be any deal with the Greenbrier. Happy now? Jefferson was disappointed.

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Swade said...

Builds character.