Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flakey Saab Emblem

When I owned a Classic Saab 900, I decided to replace the emblem on the hood. The colored panel had disappeared and all that was left was a silver disc. If you looked closely, you could still see the faint outline of the griffin's head but not much else. It pretty much resembled a well worn buffalo head nickel. Remember those? But as interesting as that was, I wanted to replace it with something nice to match the rest of the unique automobile. That goal was finally realized with a unique emblem sold by a British entrepeneur on ebay.

I was reminded of that event when my brother recently emailed me about the car his boss is currently driving. His 9-3 convertible has also lost the color of its emblem. And being the thoughtful brother that he is, he asked me what his boss could do about it. This is what I said.

To get a new badge, you can do two things:
  1. Order the same kind at www.thesaabsite.com and hope it doesn't come off again.

  2. Do what I did with my Saab 900 and order an aftermarket one from kupoblue on eBay.

It would seem that buying the original piece is not very wise as it will eventually delaminate itself again. (As a side note, Saab really needs to get a grip in this. I found half of the color laminate from one of the 2006 Saab 9-7x's we had at Leikin on the ground last fall. That's pretty sad that it would fall apart after just two years.) So, I would recommend getting the aftermarket versions. But if you must have the original, you may want to purchase the badge protectors from State of Nine.


Yonah said...

I agree -- Saab does need to come up with an actual fix for this problem. I recall this coming up as a possible reason for Saab dropping the griffin badge altogether.

When was the last time you saw a BMW with the badge reduced to an anonymous metal disc? I cannot recall a single instance. So we know that it can be done!

Andy Rupert said...

The emblems sold on eBay seem to be better quality. I'm thinking of purchasing one for our 1995.

Clive said...

My 1996 900 V6 Cabriolet badge has gone blank too. I asked the 'local' Saab dealer for a price and was quoted about 25€. I'm almost tempted to replace it with a BMW or Skoda badge, but will look on eBay; thanks!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have seen BMW badges in an almost completely delaminated state. Perhaps it has been addressed but older and mid to late 90's or early 00's BMWs are affected with this "malady", perhaps not as severe but I have seen it with a good deal of regularity.

Andy Rupert said...

Come to think about it, I've seen that on older BMWs also. While harvesting some parts at a salvage yard, I thought I'd pull a BMW badge to hang on my wall. But no matter where I looked, none of them was in good enough shape to purchase. Unfortunately, the newer SAABs haven't gotten any better.

Anonymous said...

i consider the blue covering to be a wrapper that in time is intended to wear off. note that underneath the imgage remains. just more ssab wierdness...think key placement. gm did right in continuing this.

Andy Rupert said...

What's next, all the paint falling off just because of "SAAB wierdness?" That doesn't make sense. It's just a poor design that needs to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

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