Friday, February 27, 2009

First Glimpse: 2010 Volvo XC60

This morning, several of us attended an sponsored breakfast for car salesmen in the area. It was the big kickoff for the Cleveland Auto Show at the IX Center. The meal was good but when the speaker started talking about "women," I decided my time would be better spent wandering through the display area.

Many of the booths were set up already, but there was still much to do. There must have been about 400 people pushing (and driving) vacuum cleaners all over the place. Mercedes, SAAB, and VW/Audi have large displays. But, for the life of me, I couldn't find the Volvo display. Even after asking directions, I couldn't find it until a co-worker joined me and pointed me in the right direction. Apparently, Volvo USA decided against purchasing display space at the Cleveland show. I realize that the economy isn't doing the best, but you would think they would want as much exposure for their new model—the 2010 Volvo XC60. However, it would appear that the local dealers got together to purchase a small spot in which to show a few of our vehicles.

As you can see in the pictures, the XC60 is a smaller than you might expect. To be honest, the videos and pictures haven't impressed me very much. It was just another SUV until I saw it in person today. My first impression is that this is a very nice looking car. It is smaller than expected but not so small that someone my size would feel uncomfortable in it. I had no problem fitting inside. The show car has a nice look to it and it comes with just about every option installed: comfortable leather seats, in-dash GPS system, City Safety (automatic last minute braking under 18 mph), and the new panoramic moon roof.

If you're interested in the XC60, Leikin Volvo will be one of the dealerships manning the display at the Cleveland Auto Show. And if you're in the area, send me an email and I'll mail you a coupon for $2 off admission. Also, let me know when you'll be at the show. I'd like to meet some of the old TS boys.


Yonah said...

By some odd twist of fate I managed to see an XC60 on a freeway outside of Boston in late summer. I’m not sure if it was a preproduction model doing testing or involved in some sort of photo shoot. Either way, my impressions were pretty close to yours.

I’ll be interested in seeing how it compares to the Saab 9-4x, whenever that much-needed model makes it way to showrooms. They’d certainly trump the competition (X3, GLK, RDX -- though maybe not the Q5) in a beauty contest.

And speaking of comparisons, I’d also be interested in seeing how the 9-3x stacks up against the equally-new Audi A4 allroad quattro, either here or on Saabs United. I think what the competition is up to is Saab news. The future of the brand is going to be decided on how that can compete against these models, so why not, Swade?

Andy Rupert said...

Sadly, there were no new Saab models at the Cleveland Auto Show. That is there wasn't unless you consider the 9-5 Griffin to be a new model. Just the name draws you over.

Leikin Volvo should be getting a Sapphire Black XC60 today or Monday. I'm hoping to write a review on it shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, my job doesn't allow me to get away enough to compare models, though.