Saturday, February 21, 2009

Budget Upgrade

A few weeks ago, my wife took the 900 into the local Conrad's auto repair shop in Painesville because the right front tire was slowly losing air. They determined that the problem was a bent steel rim. But after dismounting and remounting it a second time, they determined that the rim would probably hold air okay. But knowing that air is somewhat important for cars, I decided to price another wheel. Yikes! They wanted $75 for a steel rim!

A few days ago, my dad investigated some 16" Viking wheels/tires which were advertised on Craigslist down in Columbus. But for some reason (either I forgot the advertised price or it was raised after the fact) the price was more than I anticipated. So, instead of paying a bunch of moolah to replace one slightly bent steel rim, we chose to pump up the tires and replace the remaining two hubcaps with a new set from Murray's Discount Auto Parts. They don't look too bad, eh?

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