Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1995 Saab 900: Glove Box Repair

Our glove box door has been hanging open despite the previous owner's attempts to attach Velcro in critical areas. He told me it would require replacing the entire section of the dashboard, but could that really be true? I didn't think so. So, this afternoon, I removed about 6 Torx screws and a bolt to find out that ... it would require replacing the entire section of the dashboard! Nice.

However, I did find that the "shock absorber" that allows the glove box door to open slowly was disconnected. That gave me hope that this might have been the whole problem, but it wasn't. From what I could see, the door is supposed to be held shut with two latches. But on our car those latches hide inside the door like a scared tortoise no matter how many times you fiddle with the latch or lock.

This called for desperate measures. So, being the "A Team" type, I used a drill and two Torx screws1 to fasten the top of the glove box door to the compartment itself. And it doesn't look so bad, if you ask my opinion. The only problem is that the door can't be opened without removing these screws. That leads me to believe that the only lasting solution will be replacing the whole contraption with one from a salvage car. But with 185,000 miles on the odometer, I think the chances of that happening are fairly slim.

1 In the bottom of my tool box I found an assortment of bolts and screws left over from our days with three Classic Saab 900s. I'm telling you, it pays to save things like this. You never know when you'll need an extra Torx bolt or screw or even one of those plastic screw thingies that held most of the C900's interior together.


metrognome said...

Have you tried giving the folks at English-Swedish spares a call? I'd bet they'd be able to sell you that section of the dashboard for a reasonable price. (No, I don't work for them, but here's the link: http://www.english-swedish.com/)

Andy Rupert said...

Thanks for the tip. I see they are in Georgia, though. It sure would be nice to have a local Saab yard.

Andy Rupert said...

English-Swedish says that they have a tan glove box for $45 plus UPS shipping from Georgia. We'll see. But honestly, how often do you use a glove box?

metrognome said...

Seems like a good price to me.

Currently, I'm using mine pretty much daily, since I can't find a better place to store my CDs.

Andy Rupert said...

True enough. But we don't have a CD player installed and may be selling in the near future.