Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Would a Greenbriar work for a daily driver?

This was the question that crossed my mind this summer when I saw a Corvair Greenbriar parked outside a body shop on Rt. 20. On the way to the Pine Wood Derby weigh-in, I saw the vehicle still parked outside the same shop. Could a vehicle like this work as my daily driver? Could it haul my family safely for visits to the grandparents? Quite honestly, an older vehicle would take TLC, but with all the electronics on today's vehicles, so do they. So, it might be a trade-off ... or just wishful thinking. But just to get it out in the open:

  1. We miss the space a minivan provides.
  2. We don't want another Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler minivan.
  3. I want something different but affordable.
  4. The owner has done nothing that I can see with the Greenbriar since acquiring it.
  5. Parts are still available through Clark's Corvair Parts.

I really don't know if the owner will sell it. The last time we talked, he was thinking of making it into a tailgate wagon for Browns' games. But it's not been painted orange or brown, so maybe there's still a chance he'll sell it come March. Until then, enjoy the following commercial.

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