Monday, January 19, 2009

New SAAB Logo

According to a trustworthy source, SAAB will be losing it's rights to the Griffin logo in the near future. So, SAAB fanatics are currently arguing about what should be done. Should the Griffin logo be "rented" again for continuity's sake? Should the capitalized "SAAB" be the new logo by itself? Or should the company revert to an updated version of the propeller plane motif? These are deep and important questions, friends. No doubt, the world is hanging by a thread while we attempt to figure things out.

Most Saabisti believe that the "Born from Jets" advertisement has done little to bring in new customers in the US of A. While the company was originally an airplane company, how does that help now? Do the engineers actively attempt to make the new cars with jets in mind? I don't think so. The truth is that most of the world is more comfortable with the "Move Your Mind" theme. Saab owners are often well educated, deep thinking, philosophical, kind-hearted lunatics. The theme worked in Europe. Why not use the "mind" to make things happen here in the States as well?

With that in mind, I have come up with an excellent logo to attract professors and philosophers from both sides of the tracks. By placing my logo at strategic locations on each vehicle, I guarantee that people will sart buying SAABs in large quantities. Click here to view my proposed logo. I'm telling you, this logo will work!


Yonah said...

There’s a lot of speculation and assumption in that article. If both halves of Volvo were able to continue using the same logo after they split (and indeed both are now using the circa 2006 updated ironmark), I’m sure Saab can work out a licensing agreement.

I’d like to see the Griffin stay. Brand equity is difficult to build, though you wouldn’t think it with the frequency some firms change logos.

But whatever logo and slogan Saab settle upon, they need to carefully consider what sort of company (independent of GM or not) they wish to be in the future A Volkswagen, a Volvo or a BMW? What sort of consumers do they want to target?

Oh, and some new models wouldn’t hurt.

Yonah said...

P.S. And anyone who thinks Mazda's 1962 logo was the best clearly should have NO place in deciding what tastes should dictate the future of the Saab brand.

Andy Rupert said...

I think you're right about keeping the Griffin logo, Yonah. Continuity is good.

Your comment about the 1962 Mazda logo made me laugh.