Monday, January 26, 2009

Mystery Car #57 — Revealed

As I write this, I imagine that many people have guessed Dodge Omni or Plymouth Horizon. However, those guesses are only half way correct. Unless you know the history of the Omni/Horizon, you won't know that this black car is Caroll Shelby's very own 1986 Dodge Omni GLHS #001.

As it turns out, Shelby purchased some 1500 Dodge Omnis to turn into super machines. Instead of the measly 95 hp I-4 engine the GLH and GLHS models were bumped up to 170-175 hp by means of a turbo charger. And from what I've been reading, these little cars performed quite well.

Shelby claimed that the 1986 Omni GLH-S could do 0-60 in a stunning 6.70 seconds, with a 14.7 quarter-mile (at 94 mph). Cornering was quite good, with a skid-pad measurement of .88g. Shelby Automobiles was able to advertise that “names like Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, and BMW all finish behind Carrol Shelby’s new Limited Edition GLH-S.

The Dodge Omni GLH, Dodge Omni GLHS, and Dodge Charger GLH-S

As you can imagine, Caroll Shelby's own personal car would have something special about it to differentiate it from the other cars. You are absolutely right. Shelby created his own personal monster by completely redesigning the car into a 300+ hp sleeper! To find out how he did it, read the first of the following reference articles.

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The Dodge Omni GLH, Dodge Omni GLHS, and Dodge Charger GLH-S

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