Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fuel Injection for Corvair Engines

This interest in the Greenbriar brought back memories of looking through Clark's mail order catalogue. It was wishful thinking back then (as it probably is now) but it was interesting reading. One of the things I remember was an advertisement for a Corvair fuel injection system. As I recall, there were three offerings at the time—the last being sequential. Now some twenty years ago, I'm wondering if they still offer something like that.

Googling "corvair fuel injection" brought up a $2500 conversion kit which replaces the dual carburetors with a custom made throttle body system. According to the FAQ page, the horsepower only jumps between 4 and 8 hp but the mileage increases from 16 to 22 mpg. That's not bad but is it worth $2500?

More searching led to people who have installed or are currently in the process of installing TBI or EFI systems on their Corvair engines. Some of them looked very complicated. Actually, for someone like me, I think all of them looked complicated. But when completed, pretty much all of the owners were very happy with the outcome.

I would like to say that I haven't put the fuel injection on the 110 HP engine, but I do have a 4 barrel fuel injection unit on my 140 HP engine. I would like to say WOW. The result is awesome, but that might be because of the computer I have running the engine. I have the ACCEL DFI 7.0 engine management system. But let me tell you, it is a chore to get all the setups correct. I had to machine the distributor, run all the wires, and the hours of computer tuning has to be in weeks. But the result is an engine that can snap up to 6800 RPM's in very little time and still get 30+ fuel mileage.

That sounds like a profitable modification. But who has that kind of time or money? If you ask me, it would be better to buy something that was already installed and perfected.

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