Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mystery Car #54 — Revealed

A while back, Swade from sent me the above picture, a car I had never seen before. I searched all over the internet for a similar car but couldn't find it. At first I thought is was a Nissan Pulsar, Dodge Colt, Renault, or a Citroen. The original picture had left hand drive, flip up headlights, and boxy 80's styling. But I couldn't figure it out. What could it be? I sent the picture to Mervyn B., a college chum from Trinidad. He had this to say.

"As it looks there I believe it is an Alpine or a Romeo made by a Mitsubishi subsidiary company. I may be wrong but it resembles a car that was brought from Australia to Trinidad and sold by the Mitsubishi company but did not take the market."

That led me to search under those brand names, but still nothing matched. What was this stinkin' car!? Finally, Swade came to my rescue with the answer in his interview with Taras Czornyj. Mystery Car #54 is a Volvo 480. Congrats to wilfried for correctly guessing it!

However, knowing that a majority of my readers come from TS already, I decided to use a different picture—one that wouldn't give it away so easily. This is where Google finally helped me. I found a website for a Volvo 480 club in Europe. They provided a nice history of the 480 including a photograph of this Volvo 480 Phase II concept which served its purpose quite well.


fadllan said...

Yeah, it is mysterious.

wilfried said...

great picture, that blue one.
The only ovlov I would allow to park next to my saab at my driveway / garage.
Any LHD, low mileage, careful female drived & garaged example out there ?

Andy Rupert said...

Sorry, I've not seen any in the USA.