Thursday, December 18, 2008

How reliable is your car?

It's a foregone conclusion that Jaguars leak oil and have electrical problems, but what about the Swedes? Are SAAB and Volvo worthy of respect when it comes to reliability? A simple google search led me to this article at What Car?, purported to be Britain's biggest and best car buyer's guide. It is a few year old, but it certainly brings up some things to consider.

According to the review, published in October of 2005, SAAB didn't do very well. "Saab is second from last this year with more than 42 claims for every 100 cars. The cars’ electrics are most likely to force a trip to the garage, while the main culprit is the 9000 CS (manufactured between 1991 and 1997)." Surprisingly, the NG900 did pretty well. Click here for the report.

Volvo did fairly well thanks to it's entry level models. "With two models in the top five and 13th position overall, Volvo can hold its head high. The V40 and S40, both built between 1996 and 2004, have proved to be particularly reliable models and sit in fourth and fifth place respectively in the individual model league table." Surprisingly the V70 and S80 models were not as reliable.

Althought these figures are dated, I find it interesting to see what was said about older SAAB and Volvos. It's nice to know that my NG900 should be a reliable car. But I am surprised that the SAAB 9000 was not. Thankfully, new models and re-designs have come out for both brands. But are they any better today?

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