Friday, November 07, 2008

Recent Statistics

I've really not been concerned with the number of people who visit this site as it's just a hobby. But from time to time it is interesting to see the location from which my visitors are viewing it. As you can see on the Statcounter map, I have yet to conquer South America, Greenland, or Antarctica (let alone the Kerguelen Islands).

My first car articles were originally published at Isle Kerguelen, a personal blog dedicated more to my family and ministry experiences. But those articles have since been transferred to this blog which makes better sense. That along with a seven months stretch without statistics should let you know that these statistics are not as accurate as they could be.

I began tracking statistics back in September of 2006 shortly after starting the blog. But there was a seven month period when I switched to a different counter. So, these stats are not entirely conclusive. But thanks to TrollhattanSaab and Hemmings Auto blogs, I've had a good number of visitors in the last few months. Thanks, guys.

So what is it that my readers are wanting to read? The top five most popular articles here are as follows:

  1. Mystery Car #50 — Revealed

  2. Review: Jaguar XJ40

  3. The Mystery Car Archives

  4. 2007 Volvo XC90 Towing Capacity

  5. Where did oil come from?
Thanks to all who have read, commented, critiqued, and made suggestions. High Maintenance will probably never become the most popular spot in the blogosphere, but it has been an enjoyable diversion for me and a few others. Enjoy.

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