Monday, November 10, 2008

Mystery Car #51: Revealed

A few weeks ago, Hemmings Auto blog posted an article featuring several bubble cars for auction in England. Now as tall as I am, I still find something attractive in these little mini-cars. Some were a bit odd, but this one immediately caught my eye. The description read as follows:
MEADOWS FRISKY SPORT. Rare car, 328cc excelsior twin engine, rubber in torsion front suspension, unusual three wheeler, most Sports are four wheelers. Most mechanical work completed, re-sprayed. Interior and wiring need completing.
The car was built by Henry Meadows Limited and was called the Frisky "Family Three". I would guess that the name has nothing to do with how many people could fit inside it, but probably because of the 3-wheel design. A similar four-wheeled version was also produced which was called the Frisky Sport. See the complete history of the company here.

Now if the car was being sold just around the corner, was being given away, or I had money to purchase a car like that (none of which is currently true) I might be interested. But for now, I'll just admire this cutesy mystery car. The auction ended October 18, but you may want to check here to see what the car went for.

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Andy Rupert said...

I'd buy the car just for the plaid interior!