Friday, November 14, 2008

Chrysler Calls...

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Chrysler calls...
Cerberus is wooing GM just because
Kinda fells like they’re clinging to a cloud
No bailout allowed
It sounds risky
The government fears

Walk away...
Do you really think a merger is okay?
Could it be the sound of Viper Vette
Or Mopar-rolet
It sounds risky
The moment you’re near

You could say that they’d have more market share
But that’s just what they want you to think
Can’t you see how low stock would sink
No investors would be following you

On your own...
You might make it through this troubled time alone
Please keep your mind on selling Hummer
Keeping SAAB’s not a bummer
It’s still risky
But you’d still be here

It’s still risky
But you’d still be here
lyrics 2008 by Andy Rupert


uc said...

Mopar-rolet! LOL

I like how that sounds.

Andy Rupert said...

Wow, finally someone else who appreciates my sense of humor! We must be related.