Thursday, November 06, 2008

Catfish & Grits

This morning I had the privilege of eating lunch with eggsngrits of TrollhattanSaab fame. Anyone familiar with TS will remember that he owns a Classic SAAB 900 convertible, speaks his mind, and hails from the hills of Tennessee. Seriously, "eggs" is a good guy with whom I was happy to eat lunch today.

Business brought eggs to the area, so we met at the Cracker Barrel restaurant on the other side of Willoughby. And despite the fact that breakfast was available when we arrived, for some reason he didn't order the obvious. What's up with that? So while I suffered through a bowl of grimy grits, he enjoyed a catfish dinner. Actually, the eggs and grits dinner I ordered was very good. Thanks, eggs!

After a filling meal and a good conversation, we took the 2006 SAAB 9-7x for a test drive. And believe it or not, somebody's perspective on this GMC look-a-like seems to be changing! After a drive through the area we had some pictures taken by one of the salesmen at Leikin Volvo. I found out later that the other salesmen were wondering what was going on. "Why is Andy getting his picture taken with one of his customers?" Or were they commenting on our full bellies? We may never know.

I'm glad that this time the visit worked out for both our schedules. The last time Swade was in the area, I was unable to make it up to Detroit. That was definitely a downer which this sort of made up for. And I'm hoping that there will be other times to meet people from TS and other car blogs I've conversed with over the internet.


Swade said...

Hey hey! Good to see people hooking up! Wish I could have been there adding a little more stomach to that shot! OK, a lot more!!

Andy Rupert said...

I'm hoping we'll get together some time, Swade. But it was a good time nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why I didn't get paid for the unbelievable photos I you know!

Andy Rupert said...

That was probably my cheap camera. He posted a good shot at TS.