Friday, October 31, 2008

Gen-ysler: a Good Idea?

Charts and figures are always helpful when pondering mergers like this. According to the WSJ’s Market Data charts, Chrysler had the fourth largest amount of US sales in September below GM, Toyota, and Ford. Of the 964,873 light vehicles sold in September, 107,349 were from Chrysler. That’s 9% of the market. They also have two models in the top 20 Best Selling cars as well: the Dodge PU (#8) and Dodge Caravan (#14).

I must admit that I’ve never been a Dodge fanatic. The two Caravans we owned both needed rebuilt transmissions. That along with a constant leak from the often repaired valve cover gasket, and you can see that I have no fond memories of those vehicles. But that was then. This is now.

Despite past quality issues, Chrysler now has a sizeable chunk of the US market. And that may mean that GM has good reason to gobble while the turkey is still on the table.


davintosh said...

I'm with you; never been a big Mopar fan, so I'm still questioning the wisdom of the merger.

Jalopnik had a Photochop contest last week to see what kind of chimeras people could come up with. Pretty entertaining.

Nice blog; I clicked here from Hemmings Auto Blog, and have enjoyed your stuff. Nice job!

Andy Rupert said...

Thanks, Davintosh. I've enjoyed reading the Hemmings blog as well.