Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can you sell this for me?

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This evening one of the Buick salesmen introduced me to a customer who was trying to sell an old British car. He thought that I might be able to give him an idea of what the car was worth and maybe sell it for him. Well... I have owned a few Jaguars, but this was a new one to me. The car he wants me to sell is a 1970 Rover 3500. Ever heard of it?

I'm not one to turn down a chance to research, drive, take pictures of, or sell an unusual car. But this was a new challenge. Was this just an old wreck that nobody would want to restore. Or was it something special that would be worth listing on eBay? You know the old saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." But was this a treasure worth trying to sell or not?

The seller assured me that it was worth a lot of money and just needed a few minor repairs. From his perspective, all it needed was a new exhaust, brakes, and one tire. He says the interior is mint and that there is no rust. But the car has been sitting for a couple years. That could mean dry gaskets, bad gas, and a number of other ailments common to cars that sit for a long time.

So here's what I did. I agreed to think it through and give the man a call. I told him that it might not be worth as much as he thought, making sure to mention the aforementioned difficulties. But he still left his name, his number and the location of the car. So, we are planning on meeting together some time in the near future to take pictures, come up with a price, and most of all to see if the thing will start.

If you know of anyone interested in these cars, feel free to let me know in comments. Or better yet, you can contact me via email. According to one site, the car is worth $2500 (rough), $4500 (good), and $9000 (excellent).

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