Thursday, October 23, 2008

1973 Citroën 2CV

Just how do you pronounce Citroën? Is it "Sit-ron" or "Sit-rone" or better yet, "Sit-row-en?" It's as bad as pronouncing Renault. In the USA many call it a "Ren-alt," while some other say, "Ren-oh." Who really knows?

In any event (my favorite phrase), I followed this 1973 Citroën 2CV into work this morning. The owner pulled into the Speedway gas station next to the Mercedes end of Leikin Motor Company and I was able to take a few pictures and ask some questions.

The owner owns two of these interesting vehicles and this is his daily driver. It is a RHD drive model which is titled as a 1973 model. He's skeptical of that due to it having disc brakes. (Anybody know when disc brakes came out for the Citroën?) He also claims the car gets 50 mpg! That would be nice with today's gas prices. But the more I look at the construction of the car, I'm not sure I'd want to be in it during an accident. The doors look paper thin! Yikes!

Cool car, anyway.