Saturday, September 13, 2008

Treading Water — Part 5

My wife called to let me know that the part has arrived. I'm hoping to pop it in this evening and to start the Shark up with no further problems. But I'm also realistic enough to know that it could do absolutely nothing to the car. It could be something entirely different. However, the news did get me thinking about a few things:

  1. A set of used BMW racing seats like those in the Shark just sold for $700 (plus $125 shipping) on eBay. That's almost enough to think about parting the car out ... almost ... but not quite ... at least for the moment.

  2. I found a new site which chronicles the history of the E24: It's quite interesting to see the difference between European and US specs. Probably due to emissions standards, the US car had less compression and less horsepower. That means my 200 hp Shark has only 181 hp. :(

  3. Our local library, Morley Library of Painesville, offers free access to All Data. That saves me about $26 per year but makes me have to visit the library every time I need their information. I guess that's the price I'll have to pay for being cheap.

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