Monday, September 15, 2008

Mystery Car #47 — Revealed

I inadvertantly came across the picture for Mystery Car #47 while following a link to an article about the second generation Cadillac CTS. The picture was in the sidebar, but when I clicked on it, my ad blocking software didn't allow me to follow the link. However, it did give me a name to work with: "Zonda F2."

The Pagani Zonda F Roadster is a car that looks alot like one of those old slot cars I used to race on our basement track in Columbus. (That was a lot of fun but has nothing to do with Mystery Car #47). The wind tunnel tested car utilizes a 7.3 liter (650 hp/576 lb. ft.) Mercedes Benz V12 which gives it incredible punch. It's "0 – 124 mph time takes just 9.8 seconds."2 But don't get overly excited unless, of course, you have somewhere close to a million US bucks to spend.

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Andy Rupert said...

I got to thinking. Are supercars required to have air bags and all the other safety equipment?