Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Empty Nesters

In the space of about two weeks, we have become automotive empty-nesters.

My wife's 1999 Chevy Venture stalled on the way home from school two weeks ago. After having it towed to Conrad's in Painesville, we found that a clogged fuel filter had ruined the fuel pump. The repairs would have cost close to $1000, which was $800 more than I was willing to spend, so we called our good buddies at Great Lakes Auto Recycling who took it off our hands for $200.

Thankfully, a kind family in our church allowed us to borrow their Honda Odyssey. That's been helpful being that Sharon needs a vehicle to get to work and pick up the kids after school. Our intention was to borrow the Honda for a short time until I could get the Shark up and running again. Amazingly, my wife was willing to brave the uncertainty of driving the old beast despite its odd looks. But then something called "Ike" happened and you already know the results of that.

What could be done? The car wasn't worth paying higher premiums for comprehensive coverage. So, when the tree hit the car, we were on our own. So, last night I placed an advertisement on craigslist for the Shark minus front seats, battery, and speakers. I was surprised at how many calls and emails I received in a three hour period. Shortly after putting the kids to bed, I had sold the battered hull to a fellow in East Cleveland for $200. Perhaps my other advertisement for the Scheel Mann racing seats will bring in some more cash.

I can read your thoughts now. "What strange vehicle will replace the Shark and/or the minivan?" The truth is that I don't need another vehicle due to using a Volvo demo every day. So, replacing the minvan is the first priority. But it would be nice to get something interesting. And as surprising as it may seem, Sharon and I were able to pretty much agree on two vehicles listed on eBay.
  1. 1998 SAAB 900 S (eBay Item number: 200254748626)

    I'm pretty sure this is the same car that made the final cut just before we purchased the XJS back in March. It was at least the same dealership, if not the same car. My only concern with this one is the lit up dash on this car. Is that a check engine light? If so, it won't pass echeck in Lake County. But if we could get a good deal, it might be worth fixing.

  2. 1983 Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 (eBay Item number: 140267106241)

    Quite honestly, I would rather purchase this car. It looks good and doesn't have the dents and missing components like the other car. Would the Chevy 350 be bad on gas? I'm not sure. And would the dual glasspacks be obnoxious after a while? It's a sharp looking car and would satisfy my recently acquired taste for Jaguars. As always, we shall see.

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