Friday, August 15, 2008

What if?

  1. What if you saw a 1982 Jaguar XJ-S for sale?

  2. What if it was powered by a 300+ hp V12?
  3. What if it had a custom built dual exhaust?
  4. What if it had custom K&N air filters and intake pipes?

  5. What if it had a specially designed shroud and cooling fans?
  6. What if the car had shiny, silver paint with just a few blemishes?
  7. What if it had brand new tires and star-fish wheels?

  8. What if it leaked a little oil like Jaguars do?
  9. What if the heater blew cold air?
  10. What if the windshield washer didn't squirt?

  11. What if the odometer read 33,945?
  12. What if the car got 22 mpg on a road trip?
  13. What if the headliner had been professionally redone?
  14. What if it cost only $3100?

Well, if you asked me, I'd say you'd found a very good deal.

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