Saturday, August 30, 2008

Treading Water — Part 2

The mechanic who last looked at the Rusty Shark told me to check all the ground wires. He said that a bad connection could cause spark to be intermittent. So, this evening after watching Little Rascals and eating dinner with my family, I took a few minutes to look over the engine.
  1. All fuses are in good condition. I wasn't surprised by this as I had checked all of them before leaving Youngstown when we first bought it. At the time, I had to replace two fuses but sadly didn't note which ones were replaced. One was 7.5 and the other 25.

  2. I found a broken connection. There is something that looks like a master cylinder without a reservoir above the brake master cylinder. I'm guessing it's the slave cylinder but I've really never dealt with clutch parts before. Anyhow, there are three two-prong sensors connected to the slave cylinder. The top sensor has a broken prong which is still connected to the wire. I'm not sure that has much to do with the ignition, but you never know.

  3. I found two used ECU units on ebay. One is going for $35 plus shipping but has 5 days left. The other is a buy-it-now deal for $50 plus s/h but has an offer button. I made an offer. We'll see what happens.
More to come.

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