Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Swedish Sales Figures

Trollhattan Saab provides a monthly report on SAAB sales from around the globe. The latest report covers the top five cars sold in Sweden for July 2008. I'm not surprised at Volvo being at the top of the list. They seem to have done better than SAAB in the past. However, I am surprised at the Volvo models that are most popular.
1: Volvo V70
Jul: 1112 vehicles,
Jan-Jul: 12839

2: Saab 9-3
Jul: 880 vehicles, -9%
Jan-Jul: 8016, +7%

3: Volvo V50
Jul: 754 vehicles, -4%
Jan-Jul: 6940, +4%

4: VW Golf
Jul: 633 vehicles, +21%
Jan-Jul: 6804, +32%

5: Saab 9-5
Jul: 508 vehicles, -35%
Jan-Jul: 4671, -30%
For those unfamiliar with the models offered by Volvo, the V70 and V50 are wagons based on the S80 and S40 respectively. According to my co-workers at Leikin Volvo, the wagons haven't been the best sellers. Instead, the S80 and XC90 seem to have garnered the most attention.

This may be due in part to the incentives given by Volvo to the models that have the highest profit margin. With the value of the dollar falling, you can understand their concerns. But even so, there have been very few people asking me to show them either of the wagons. I guess that's just the difference between the tastes and needs of Scandinavians and Americans.

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