Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rusty Shark

After a long and loud trip, Tuesday, back from Youngstown, the "Rusty Shark" is happily resting in our driveway. That's the nick name we've given to this odd looking BMW. The original intent was to have the muffler shop in Youngstown patch the muffler, but they didn't have the needed parts. So, I decided to risk losing my hearing and drive the thing home.

Mr. Muffler of Painesville replaced the muffler system yesterday. It needed a catalytic converter, connecting pipe, muffler, and tail pipe. Thankfully, they were able to bend together a custom system which cost less and sounds very quiet.

While Mr. Muffler had the car up on the rack, they noted that the carrier bearing was in bad shape. If you're not familiar with that part, the carrier bearing is what holds the middle of the drive shaft to the underside of the car. Or, as one source describes it,
"A carrier bearing assembly is provided which is used with vehicles having two separate drive shaft sections. The carrier bearing assembly supports and interconnects the two drive shaft sections."

"Carrier bearing assembly"
Sounds like an important part, eh? I can just imagine losing the drive shaft at some inopportune moment. I did get to look at the underside of the car while it was at the muffler shop, but I didn't think to examine the drive shaft. The picture of the part has me thinking that it shouldn't be too difficult of a job. But after serving as an ice racer in Canada, who knows how rusty the part is? Hopefully, it will not be a difficult job.

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