Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In my last post are week old pictures of the Painesville Cruise-in for Crime. I would have posted them earlier, but we had internet problems at home. Our DSL service had been kicking us off the internet several times a day without an explanation. So, we switched over to cable-based internet. Unfortunately, switching over had its own problems. The router refused to recognize the new signal.

So, I contacted Dave of Wickman Studios to help me out. He stopped by last night and found the problem. It turned out to be something rather simple. Apparently, the router had to be hard reset and the settings switched from PPoE to DHCP. After about 45 minutes, our system was back up and running. Very nice.

Allow me to recommend Wickman Studios to you. Dave, the owner, attends Bible Community Church and has always been a big help to the church and Christian school. As the company name would indicate, he does more than just computer repair. Dave is also able to design top quality websites, brochures, and business cards. When you are in need of professional help, take advantage of Dave's experience.

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