Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Painesville Car Show

Last Tuesday, the kids and I took the Jaguar to a Car Show in Painesville. It was put on by the local law enforcement departments (Painesville, Fairport Harbor, Mentor, Park Rangers, etc.). We had the privilege of parking near a 1984 XJ-S and a 1974 XJ6. There aren't many Jags in Painesville.

After visiting the face paint booth, meeting several police officers, and talking with a fireman we know, we caught up with some friends from our church. We had a nice time looking at the interesting cars. I especially enjoyed hearing the older men explaining the qualities that made each car good or bad. For instance, I was enchanted by a Hudson Hornet and a Hudson pickup truck. But I was quickly told that the latter was a piece of junk.

When we were ready to leave, I caught a photographer with a massive telephoto lens taking a picture of our car. That made me smile. After he left, I spoke with the owner of the other XJ-S. His was in better shape than mine, but it wasn't quite what he had wanted. He thought his was too quiet and wanted one with a Chevy 350 instead of the V12. To be honest, I like the V12 but would rather have the whisper quiet muffler system instead of the installed Magnaflow exhaust. To each his own.

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