Friday, July 25, 2008

Turn of Events

Thursday morning, I wore a SAAB ball cap and a Cadillac tie to the Volvo dealership. I'm not superstitious, but with such an odd combination, I figured something strange would probably happen. And when you take into account what I'd said here and here, it made this turn of events highly unlikely.

Despite my previous comments, I'd been itchin' to drive one of the SAAB 97X 5.3i SUVs we have at Leikin Volvo. My opportunity came after selling the 2005 Volvo S60 R last night. Since that was my demo car, I decided to broach the subject with my manager. I think it helped that it was already 30 minutes past closing when my last customer left. He readily agreed to my driving the SUV. Cool.

On the way home, I called and told Sharon to announce that I was bringing home a mystery car that they would all like. Sure enough, the kids were waiting on the porch at 10 PM for the arrival of the Mystery Car. (Hmm... that sounds like a catchy title. Maybe I should write a bi-weekly article about mystery cars?) My oldest son was the most excited. "I knew it," he said. "It's a SAAB!" He was pretty excited — especially because he's had a 97X advertisement on his bedroom wall since they first came out.


Swade said...

I assume a full and fair review will be forthcoming?

Hats off to the kids for keeping the Saab home fires burning there :-)

Andy Rupert said...

Yeah, Jefferson keeps saying, "Dad, you're not getting hooked by Volvo, are you?"

We'll see. But after driving the S60 R, it's hard not to be excited. That Volvo reminded me of what you say the 9000 Aero seats are like — extremely comfortable.

Andy Rupert said...

NOTE: Starting mileage 29,968