Thursday, July 17, 2008

Re-lease me!

Remember the arena football player who used to be a cheerleader in college? No matter how much he enjoyed cheerleading, he never hears the end of it from his team mates. My situation is somewhat similar. As you recall, I posted about the "Release Me" parody video posted at trollhattansaab.* I'm happy that so many people have enjoyed that.

But it got a tad bit embarrassing when one of the salesman (whose initials I won't mention as you've probably guessed who it is already) played the video as loud as possible in the dealership showroom this evening. But as I began to turn beat red, the guys gave me an idea of how to use the song here at Volvo. When a customer attempts to turn in a lease car, I'll proudly stand on a chair and sing (you guessed it) "Re-lease me!"

*To date, it has been viewed 97,433 times on YouTube.

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