Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jell-O Car Wheels?

Remember collecting baseball cards in a box of Hostess Twinkees or curring them off the side of a cereal box? My dad had a stack of baseball cards cut off of Corn Flakes boxes. One of the cards happened to be Hank Aaron's. I thought it must've been worth a million dollars, but we eventually sold the set to a neighbor for $10. But that's a story for another day.

My youngest sister sent me a link to a web page dedicated to Jell-O® "Car Wheels." Apparently each box contained a collector's coin. Can you imagine how many boxes you'd have to buy to get the whole set? I had never heard of them before, but thought it was an interesting way to get parents to buy the product. Maybe car companies should team up with Jell-O again?
On this page I fondly remember Jell-O® "Car Wheels" and "Airplane Wheels" - two collectible sets of plastic coins: one series of 200 automobiles and another series of 200 aircraft that came free inside boxes of Jell-O and other General Foods products in the last years of the Red Ensign and the Original Six NHL. As far as I know, these coins were available only in Canada... . Of course, these coins were very popular with young boys. Perhaps even more popular than hockey and baseball cards, or Shirriff's hockey coins. MEMO TO PARENTS OF TODDLERS: If your little boy is not fascinated by cars, trucks, planes, trains, or anything with wheels and/or wings, take him to a mental health professional immediately. That kid ain't normal!! :)

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