Monday, July 21, 2008

Hard to Go Back

Sunday morning, I had a startling revelation. After driving a Volvo wagon home Saturday evening and then to church the next morning, I noticed that I had forgotten to affix the dealer license plate to my car! What was I to do? I might have been able to get back to the dealership, but without a license plate, I was feeling pretty nervous about getting a ticket. So, after the morning service, I asked a friend at church to drive me over to the dealership.

During the ride, we had an interesting discussion. The two of us talked about our appreciation for European/Scandinavian cars. He's a fan of Mercedes-Benz, while I'd rather drive Saabs and Jaguars (Volvos are growing on me, too). What I gathered from our conversation was that once you've driven out-of-the-ordinary cars, it's difficult to go back to driving a "normal" one. It would seem strange to drive a Ford Escort after driving the XJ-S. Know what I mean? While I'm willing to drive whatever God provides, I honestly think it would be hard to go back.

I've been thinking lately that the Christian life is just like that. Jesus Christ has given us hope, joy, and peace that is so much better than anything we had experienced before. If we're honest, we'd have to admit that we did enjoy the "pleasure of sin for a season." But now things are different. With a new God-given outlook on life, those same events have surprisingly lost their appeal. And I can honestly say that it would be hard to leave all that I've been given by God to go back.

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