Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not bad.

After a twelve hour day at work, I was pretty tired. But after work as I pulled into the Speedway gas station to fill up, I was awake enough to notice something special. Crossing Mentor Avenue and pulling into the gas station was a first edition five-door SAAB 9000. The coloring was just right — a tannish gray with silver aluminum wheels. I guess sometimes the "plain jane" version just looks right. This one sure did. But then I was pretty tired. Maybe I was delerious.

I took the moment to compliment the owner who gave me a tour and a recitation of the car's history since he purchased it. As it turned out, he had bought it for his kids to learn how to drive a manual transmission. But now that they were grown (and the fact that he had four cars) his wife wanted him to sell the car. So, this 1991 SAAB 9000 2.3 non-turbo 5 speed was for sale for $1900. Not bad.

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