Friday, June 27, 2008

Have you ever wondered how long a car battery will last with the headlights on?

This evening the boys and I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up supplies for repainting the window frames on the doors of the XJ-S. The paint was worn off in places and in others it looked as if a third grader had painted them with a tooth bush. It just didn't look right. So, thinking I might have time to do little bits here and there, I started by purchasing a can of gloss black Rust-o-leum and two sponges covered with sandpaper.

I was so keen on getting started that I began rough sanding in the parking lot of the store! When I was done sanding, my hands had taken on a dark grey color from all the paint dust. The boys were busy playing with their Matchbox cars in the car, but I decided not to press my luck and put the sand paper sponge back in the Wal-Mart bag.

By this time, the sun was setting and I decided to turn on the head lights. To make a long story shorter, we arrived at home some ten minutes later where I backed the Jag up the driveway. After convincing Trenton that the last one out of the car really is in charge of shutting the passenger door, we went inside for ice cream cones and a Curious George video.

It must have been close to an hour later that I noticed headlights shining in the darkness at the end of our driveway. Our neighbors have the occasional visitor who parks at the end of their driveway, so I ambled over to the door to see who was visiting. Curious George, right? Wait a minute! That's my car! Aaaaahhhh!!! I quickly grabbed my keys, ran out the back door and down the driveway to the car. I unlocked the driver's door, turned off the headlights, turned the key in the ignition, and ... well ... I ... uh ... now I know from experience that it pays to buy a quality battery. The car started right up. Whew!

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