Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 Volvo C70: Trunk Stuck Open

One of the difficult things about being a new salesman is the fact that I don't know how to answer some of the questions customers ask. This is a bit embarrassing but it has made me a better salesman once I've researched the answers. In fact, I've told just about every customer that an XC90 has 92.3 cu. ft. of cargo space whether they wanted to know or not!

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to present the showroom Passion Red C70 to a couple. The man must have had previous experience with the car because he wanted to show his wife the storage capacity of the trunk when the roof is folded down. After raising the trunk, he happily pushed the yellow button to raise the folded roof up and showed her the accessibility to luggage.

When the customer struggled to move the plastic cover to access the luggage compartment, I stepped in like a superhero to help. I was able quite easily to raise the luggage cover and to show them the space below. However, when I pressed the yellow button again to lower the folded roof, it wouldn't operate. "Umm ... well ... I ... uh."

I don't remember how I explained the difficulty, but I do remember feeling like an idiot. After they left, I attached battery booster thinking that we had run the battery down. But this didn't help at all. The yellow button did nothing! What's the deal? Then I remembered the plastic luggage cover. That was the problem. A sensor is built in to the cover so that the folded roof cannot lower itself onto the cover until it is completely depressed. Apparently, this is designed to keep you from overfilling the trunk and smashing the folded roof between your luggage and the trunk lid.

"And knowing is half the battle" —G. I. Joe

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