Thursday, May 15, 2008

Upcoming Interview

When I dropped off my resume and cover letter Tuesday afternoon, I was able to talk with a salesman for about twenty minutes. That was very helpful. During our conversation I learned that the Leikin Volvo has a laid back atmosphere. If I was asked to put undue pressure on every customer that entered the lot, someone else would have to be hired. At the same time, I realize that a sales job will involve a certain amount of pressure. I'll need to know when to push for a sale and when to let him think things over.

While thinking about the upcoming interview, I came across, a website dedicated to teaching the art of car sales. The site offers a number of suggestions that sound very good. They stress a positive attitude, setting goals, and going out of the way for the customer. Those ideas make sense especially after I read a recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In the article, you'll find that Mark Deitz was promoted to sales manager during his first year and general manager after only five. How did he do it? Here's what he said.
"A lot of people have referred people to me because I would do things like make trips out to their house in Geneva to pick up their car for service," said Dietz. "I would always go above and beyond whatever it took to make a sale and to keep the customer happy. A lot of people in our industry think that's time wasted. You should be selling other customers. But I was keeping customers and that's what really helped me move up as well."

Competitive streak gives ball player an edge
While I'm not interested in becoming the next general manager of any dealership, I do admire Dietz's attitude toward his customers. If I am offered this job after tonight's interview, I'm hoping to be like that. I guess we'll see what happens.

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