Monday, May 26, 2008

Patriotic Artwork

Yesterday I had the privilege for filling in for a pastor who was away for his son's wedding. The little church meets in a senior citizen's center in Middlefield, Ohio which necessitates bringing a heavy tote full of hymn books each Sunday. After a good meeting with the congregation, I took the tote of hymn books back to the van and began repacking our luggage. Before we had finished the job, my back siezed up real bad. I'm guessing the heavy tote had something to do with it.

We were planning on spending the evening and next day at Peniel Bible Camp with my parents. They had made reservations for Martha's Manor, the site of the greatest marshmallow fight in the history of the world. (The idea came from my year in Basilean and I mustn't forget to mention my mother's secretive plan to bring two bags of large marshmallows for the very thing. What a fight! Anybody know who started the lick-n-stick thing?) This year, however, it wasn't meant to be. My back was so tight that we decided to stay home for Memorial Day.

This ailment has kept me either in bed (which isn't very comfortable) or in the computer chair (which suprisingly is). So, today I offer you a bit of patriotic artwork created by my oldest son, Jefferson. This beautiful piece of red, blue, and yellow patriotism was made at least a year ago without anyone's help. He just popped up one day with the picture and presented it to his mother. It has, since then, occupied a prominent place on the wall over our kitchen table. It's very attractive, wouldn't you say?

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