Friday, May 30, 2008

Mystery Car XXXVII — Revealed

Whenever I run out of Mystery Cars, somebody on Ebay comes to my rescue. The owner of Mystery Car XXXVII was attempting to sell this car for US$15,900 on Ebay. What is it? This is none other than the Autozam AZ-1, called by some the purest sportscar every made.
What's Autozam, you ask? Well, take one part Mazda, mix with a hefty helping of Suzuki and shake vigorously. Result: the Autozam AZ-1. This rakish two-seat coupe packed a lot into a little, including a peppy 657 cc turbocharged midship mounted engine. While the frog-like headlights are a turn-off, way cool gullwing doors are an unexpected surprise (and useful in tight parking situations). Likened by some to a "mini Testarossa", the AZ-1 was made from 1992 through 1994.

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For more information view the following sites:
AZ-1 (Note: This site is poorly translated from Japanese. For instance, they wrote "Ramble Guinea" instead of Lamborghini! But it has a pretty good history of the car with pictures.)

Autozam Az-1 by Wikipedia

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