Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mystery Car XXXV — Revealed

In 1977 Panther Westwinds produced an odd looking car which caught the world's attention but not it's wallet. The Panther 6 was a six wheeled, 600 hp twin-turbo vehicle which was a little too "different" to sell. Four front wheels were supposed to ensure excellent cornering and braking. In rainy weather, the front pair were supposed to lock up to clear a path for those behind it assuring safety for the occupants. Panther also claimed that the turbo-charged Cadillac 500 c.i. V8 could produce a top speed in excess of 200 mph. But this was never substantiated. In the end, the car failed to capture the desire of the motoring public resulting in only two models being produced.


Pictures from the British Panther Club

Pictures from Panther Car Club Deutschland

Restoration of the White Panther Six

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Wikipedia's "
Panther 6"

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