Monday, May 12, 2008

Job Opportunity

Driving a school bus necessitates a layoff while the children are on summer break. So, at the end of the month, I'll be out of a job. As you can imagine, I've been thinking, praying, and looking for something that would fit my skill set (albeit a small set). I've sent in a resume to the Porsche dealership as they're looking for a full time manager for their vintage parts warehouse. But as of Monday I've heard no reply. I'll be checking with them tomorrow, but also investigating a possible sales job across the street at the Volvo dealership.

This evening I called Leiken Buick–Mercedes–Volvo about their advertisement in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. (I've been looking through the Sunday Employment section for the past month or so.) The sales manager told me that he's looking for a permanent salesman whose sole responsibility will be selling new and used Volvo vehicles. For some reason, this actually interests me. I've never owned a Volvo, but figure my interest in Swedish cars might come in handy. And the hours are not too bad. The position involves Monday (9am-9pm), Tuesday-Thursday (9am-6pm), and Saturday (9am-9pm). No work on Fridays and Sundays. While I don't like 12 hour days, that's pretty much what I've been working at Head Start. So... I guess we'll see.

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