Friday, May 23, 2008

1960's Econoline

This morning we took Richmond Road to school because of high traffic on Jackson Street. It doesn't take any longer. It's just not real exciting to drive 25-35 mph in the XJ-S. So, we puttered along working on spelling words and Bible memory verses for class. However, this time our path contained a reward. Just up the road from Diesel Pro, someone was selling a 1960's Ford Econoline truck.

When my dad still worked at Columbus Auto Parts, one of his co-workers (and my high school Sunday School teacher), Mr. Corey, owned one of the Dodge vans with similar dimensions. He had acquired it along with his purchase of fixer-upper property. As I recall, the county allowed him to purchase it for an additional $50. He fixed it up and took me for a drive one day. I distinctly remember sitting on the carpet covered benches he had built for extra passengers.

Also, when we lived in Wisconsin, our pastor owned a truck similar to this. Just before we moved, it was still sitting in his garage awaiting a complete restoration. I remember asking him if it had a V8 in it. He laughed and said, "Are you kidding? The thing would tip over!" If I remember correctly, his had an inline-6 situated between and behind the two bucket seats. That was so odd, I found myself thinking about acquiring one myself.

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