Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Turkish Audi-o

Maybe it's just me. It probably is just me. But I really like Mozart's Turkish Rondo. So, when Audi used it to promote one of its little cars, I kind of liked it.

Please forgive me.


Laura said...

I've never been good at naming familiar tunes - except for the very famous, like the 1812 overture, etc, or the Turkish Rondo. The only reason I know that one? It was the music for the old computer game Mule.

Andy Rupert said...

During our first year of marriage, Sharon and I played MULE on the Comodore 64 every Sunday evening after church. What did you expect? There was nothing else to do in Wisconsin.

Your comment about Turkish Rondo and MULE made me wonder. So, I did a quick search. Google sent me to this video of the MULE theme song. Is this what you remember?

Laura said...

Jamie loved watching that intro music. He wants to watch it over and over again! However, I seem to remember the Rondo being played as background music during game play?