Friday, April 04, 2008

Horizontally Opposed

Oops! I forgot to include the link to the toy car article. The link, however, is now included at the end of the last paragraph.

When I was in my teen years, infatuation for the Corvair took over. The "different" factor was prominent as the engine was not only a horizontally opposed six cylinder, but also was located in the rear of the car. The possibility of having a turbo-charger also made the car and its powerplant desirable. But despite my best attempts and several test drives, it never happened. But my love for interesting automobiles coninued (as you well know) and so has a moderate interest in that type of engine.

After crashing my first car (a 1976 Honda Civic) and losing the second's transmission (1966 Buick Skylark), I purchased a 1982 Subaru DL hatchback. Except for the exceptional gas mileage, the car was nothing special unless you take into account the design of the engine. Mine had the smaller 1.6 liter flat-four. And despite the rust and ugly looks, I somehow convinced myself that I had attained a baby "Corvair." You're impressed, right?

Since then, I've come to find out that a number of other car companies have used the horizontally opposed engine design. But instead of posting lots of pictures and details here, I'll rely on something another writer has produced. Take a look at the boxer engine in toy car style.

BTW, notice the note about the SAAB 9-6x toward the end of the article. Quite interesting, eh?

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