Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1982 Jaguar XJ-S: Driver's Seat Repair

Driving a beautiful car with a powerful engine is very nice unless the driver's seat has collapsed. After a few miles, you begin to forget about everything else. You just have to do something about it. A couch pillow between the floor and seat bottom worked fairly well and a smalled one for the seat back also helped. But pillows only work so well. After suffering through several months of back aches, it was time to fix it right.

The interior of the driver's seat back contains webbing similar to the great American lawn chair. But after 26 years, you can imagine that the webbing had lost it's abilities. The previous owner had rigged up several pieces of rope and a screw based comealong, but more was needed. Not wanting to pay another $100 to have the webbing replaced, I actually contemplated using paper overlayed with packing tape, but it didn't seem strong enough for the job. So, I turned to the next best handyman tool: coat hangers.


P.S. Don't try this at home, kids.

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