Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ice Storm

Last night was interesting, to say the least. Rainy ice/sleet hit while Sharon was driving me to pick up the XJ-S in Perry, Ohio. After scraping the ice off the car, I remembered that the heat is not working. That would make the drive home a challenge, but it had to be done. If you know Perry at all, you'll understand that making it from the old high school to the libray wasn't much of an accomplishment. A half loop had the car off the road but with the nose facing the road. My emergency blinkers brought the help of two police officers, who may have escorted me to the nearest gas station. (I'm not sure if they did as the back window got iced up again.)

After a quick stop at Sheetz gas station, I ran home with cold air blowing through the defroster and the wipers doing very little. If you were behind me last night, you probably thought I was a teen-ager leaning while driving. But I was honestly trying to see through a hole in the fog and ice. When I reached our driveway, I remembered that a fitted car cover was in the trunk. It worked rather well last night, but it sure was heavy this morning!

After seeing the picture of my car in the previous post, my sister commented that the car looked long. Take a gander at the following pics and see if you agree. And before you say it, I will: "How does he fit in the car?"

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