Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daily Driver

There's something I've never quite understood. Why is it that certain people purchase vehicles that they only drive a few days per year. When I registered my XJ-S, I found that it was old enough (1982) to obtain a historical license plate. But I would not be allowed to drive it daily. It could ony be driven to and from car shows or special events. What's the point of owning a car that you can't enjoy whenever you want to?

Today I came across a picture that made me smile. Apparently, this trophy winner had similar ideas. The caption explains it well.

"Ken's 1962 No. 876529 was selected as Best of Show from 25 of the best of each car category shown. Ken's only regret was porcelain cracking on hot exhaust manifolds as he drove home in the rain for 45 minutes. The car has never been trailered to a show."

Jaguar Club of Ohio

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