Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Earl Gibbs

"Whoever did that was either stupid or dumb. I hope it wasn't you."
Earl Gibbs, the owner of North Coast Exotics, said this to me over the phone after having replaced the upper control arm bushings on our Jaguar XJ6. Why so blunt? Someone previous to us owning the car had attempted to weld the bushings in place!
"If they gave you $1500 and the car don't take it. (pause) I just saved you $1500. And I just saved your marriage."
When I thought I had found a couple of good deals on an XJS produced prior to Ford's ownership, Earl was straight forward as usual. He insists that 1994-96 were the best year for that model. (But he did make an exception for a '93 XJS with the 4.0 inline six.)

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