Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reliable & Enchanting

While searching for a web site for North Coast Exotics, I came across a New York Time's article quoting the shop's owner. The article, The High Life Is Winding Down for Jaguar Mechanics, was written five years ago, but it still makes some good points about the brand and what Ford did for it in the 1990's.
The improvements have been noted by owners and those who make a rather busy living working on the cars. "If all we did was try to service new Jaguars, like we did back in the 80's, it would be a pretty dicey proposition," said Earl Gibbs, owner of North Coast Exotics in Cleveland. "I'd be like the Maytag man." There are still enough vintage cars, however, to keep him busy.
I also liked the following paragraph in the article. It made me think of a recent contrast between Subaru and Saab.
While life with a Jaguar cannot be expected to be trouble-free, some owners figure other factors compensate. Bill Alderman of Dallas has owned three Lexuses, but finds them sterile. "They are all fantastic cars, but after about six months it becomes a car," he said. His '96 XJR continues to enchant him.
How true.

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