Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maybe not?

Two weeks ago, I placed a for sale sign in the Jag and waited to see what would happen. After several low ball offers, I decided to go a different route. A free advertisement on Craigslist yielded a number of calls but nothing serious. So we decided to have the front end clunk fixed. All four upper control arm bushings needed to be replaced at a cost of $500. The previous owner had attempted to weld the bushings in place! I also replaced the problematic fan relay switch ($15). Now that those repairs are done, I'm wondering if keeping the car might be a good idea.

But before investing more money in repairs, I needed to answer an important question. What would it take to make the car worth keeping for the next year? According to my list, the car still needs a rear wheel bearing ($265), front tires ($150), and an alignment ($75). That would require an investment of an additional $490. That would take this year's repairs total to approximately $1000. That sounds like a lot of money, but it would give us a good car that would presumably last several more years. The car has no rust, runs well, and gets fairly decent gas mileage. (Today I averaged 21 mpg in between Willowick and Perry. That's not bad for an 18 year old car.)

My afternoon class was cancelled due to the weather yesterday, giving me the opportunity to investigate the price of tires at Wal-mart and Convoy Tires. Both had some viable offerings. But just as I was being convinced to purchase a pair of high end Nokian all-weather tires, I remembered to call my wife. Being so close to the school, I thought I'd give her a break and pick up the kids. That call was perfectly timed. Someone had just called about the car. A few minutes later, I was answering the same old questions. Any electrical problems? Any rust? What does it need right now? Will I look good in it? Well, maybe not the last one, but you know what I mean.

Nobody has called back yet. So, I'll just sit back and relax and see what happens. If it sells, there's a BMW and an XJS in the works. If not, I'll soon have a nice, rust-free Jaguar with new tires. Right now, either option is looking pretty good.

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