Monday, February 18, 2008

The Infamous 2.5 liter V6

If you've been around the SAAB community for any length of time, you have heard that the V6 in the NG900 (1994-98 model) models was to be avoided like the plague. Not having owned or ever driven one, I always wondered what the deal was. Why was the engine problematic? I found the answer at in their overview of the NG900.
V6 Engine: The 2.5 liter engine was available from 1994-97. Contrary to what some may think the engine itself was an excellent engine. The real problem with the engine was the pulley configuration for the timing area. The timing cover seal would get pulled into the belt area and cause the engine to jump time. Because the engine is an interference engine the valves would get bent and in some cases the ring lands would get crushed meaning the engine would need to be replaced because you could never get it to stop smoking after a rebuild. When a problem occurs with this V6 engine we highly recommend replacing the 2.5 liter engine with a 3.2 Opel engine that we offer. The timing area pulley configuration is much better and makes for a much more reliable V6. For more information click the link below: Click here for the Saab 900 94-98 V6 Engine Pricing!

"ABOUT THE SAAB 900 94-98," as viewed on February 18, 2008.

That's helpful to know. I had heard about the problem but now I know why to stay away from that engine. As GI Joe said quite often, "Knowing is half the battle." He was right.

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Andy Rupert said...

I spotted an inexpensive NG900 convertible near work Tuesday and took it for a spin. Guess what the engine was? Yep, and when I started it, it ran fairly poor. But once it warmed up it ran like a bandit.

Still, the warnings of the wise made it an easy decision to resist it. I was surprised at how much room there was in the car. I had no problem with head or leg room. Overall it would have been a nice car ... if it weren't for the unreliable engine.